BLUE SKY BUSINESS AND CONSTRUCTION (BSBC) is a public limited company under Guinean and Sierra Leonean law. It was created in July 2015 under the number COMPANY / RCCM-KAL / 060.239A / 2015. BSBC operates in various activities, including but not limited to the Building of; Public Works; property management; International Representations and Trade. We have seasoned and qualified staff to meet the requirements of our partners and international standards. First and foremost, our mission is to be a key development actor in Guinea and to propose innovative and sustainable solutions to the growing human demands.

We have sealed many partnerships with several technical partners in order to represent them and further develop our expertise.

We put a special emphasis on the working conditions of our employees, because we are aware that the success of a company can not be achieved without the harmonious development of all actors.