QHSE Policy

The well-being, quality, health, safety and environment of our goods and services, our employees and partners and the consideration of the community is a paramount concern of AA GLOBAL BUSINESS SARL. Evolving in the field of building, trading, property management, multiservices etc.

We believe that our defined QHSSEC policy is the guarantee of our efficiency.

To achieve our fundamental objectives of sustainable development we highlight the protection of the environment, respect for hygiene, health, safety at work; we are committed to implementing strategic directions and actions for QHSE:

  • Identify and comply with the applicable regulatory texts concerning hygiene, health, safety and the environment;
  • Be proactive in dealing with identified risks
  • Be willing not to expose our employees and partners to health and safety risks;
  • Identify, evaluate the dangers and implement the necessary control measures;
  • Provide our employees with a healthy, safe work environment that is more suited to the execution of their activities and the required protective equipment;
  • Anticipate and satisfy the expectations of Customers and other partners: Employees, Collaborators, Suppliers, and shareholders;
  • Set up a structured and competent managerial team;
  • Respect our commitments and our contractual deadlines, by mastering our logistics chain  by  adapting project management procedures;
  • Develop staff skills for increased control of the company’s activities;
  • Select our suppliers and subcontractors taking into account the requirements in terms of quality, hygiene, health, safety and environment.
  • Respond effectively and with special attention to emergencies and accidents resulting from its activities, in collaboration with other organizations and state-approved services.